Keshav Memorial Institute of Commerce and Sciences College Code: 1110, For admission A.Y.2024 - 2025, Contact: +91 040 2322 4651 / +91 8331029974
Student Imformation Cell
Student Imformation Cell

Student Support

Women Empowerment

Keshav Memorial institute of commerce and sciences besides imparting quality education to students and also takes care of challenges faced by our young generation in present European culture influence.

1. KMICS Sensitizes, Motivates and mentors the students to follow the principles of Indian culture.
2. The institution gives due prominence for the dignity and self respect of women students and lady staff members.

KMICS shows gender sensitivity in providing facilities such as

  1. Safety & security
  2. Counselling
  3. Common rooms

Safety & security (vigilant monitoring) : CC TV'S Vigilant monitoring of the campus ensured by the installation of the surveillance and security camaras at various strategic locations the campus. The CC tv Putage is also saved for tracing out any case miss conduct, 24/7 security at the college entrance ensures safety.

Discipline committee : Discipline committee observes the conduct of the students and assures that cordial relations exist among the peer group and with the staff. Field trips and tours: It is mandatory to accompany the students to any field trio and out side participation.

Anty Ragging committee: KMICS campus is ragging free campus .Till date no Issue of ragging has been reported. Anty ragging committee gives counseling to the students to maintain amicable relationship with their juniors. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Eve teasing and descrimination based an gender are strictly forbidden in college campus.

Information Dissipation: The attandence of the students is recorded meticulously every morning and their absence is communicated emmidiatly through an sms to the parent / guardian. A mentor maintance the data of each student based on the information provided by the parent during the admission for future communication.

Emergency Services : The institution developed an MOU with Srinivasa nursing home Narayanguda, the ward can aware medical help during emergencies. The contact numbers of the campus security officer, public information officer (PIO), Co-ordinators of the discipline committee, Student welfare committee, Sahayam (OU) Psychological Counseling center and She teams are displayed at the common room area in the campus.

Self defense Training : A certificate program on self-defense titled, A work shop on essential defense mechanism techniques through SHE team members were conducted to build the self ?confidence in girls. The college is registered with the Narayanguda Police station for safety and timely help.

Counselling: Counseling sessions are held regularly to enlighten the students on the contemporary social conditions and threats and also give suggestions to overcome them. There is a exclusive counseling room and a professor in psychology help the students in distress the mentor not only help the students with academics but also provide timely counseling on the personal the carrier issues. Strict confidentiality is maintained so that students share their grievances with out any apprehension. The contact numbers of the other counsilling centres are also provided to the students for their personal needs.

Common Room: A Common room with all the required facilities for the recreation of students. Sanitary napkin vending mechine has been installed in the washroom area for the benefit of women students. Social Audit is conducted for all women students in 2019 and reviewed by IQAC. The birthday of Smt.Savithri bhai pule is celebrated as women teachers day with enthusiasm.
Women Protection Cell is constituted with the following members for the Keshav Memorial Institute of Commerce and Sciences.

Smt. M.Shobha Rani (Dept. of Mathematics PG)? Convener
Smt. S.Vijitha (Dept. of Computer Sciences) Member
Smt.K.Sridevi (Dept. of Commerce)? Member
Smt. A.Padmaja (Dept. of Microbiology) Member
Smt. N.Umadevi (Dept. of English) Member
Smt. B.Anitha (Dept. of Commerce) Member
Smt.Meer Gulbahar Begum (Dept. of Commerce PG) Member