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Student Imformation Cell
Student Imformation Cell

PG - Analytical Chemistry

Program Specific Outcomes


  • Understand the applications of Spectral Methods in identification of Organic & Inorganic compounds.
  • Understand sampling methods which are primary steps in any analysis
  • Understand classical methods like titrimetric & gravimetric analysis
  • Understand modern instrumental methods like atomic spectroscopy, diffraction methods, XRF, Electro analytical methods.
  • To understand the applications of analytical chemistry.
  • Learn the procedures to estimate Industrial analysis, Air& Water pollutants, Clinical& Pharmaceutical analysis, Food & Agriculture.
  • Learn the Practical procedures to estimate soil sample, tablets, cement, Oil.
  • Learn to estimate water samples.
  • Estimate blood sugar, cholesterol, Tablets, Manganese in steel etc.
  • To know the procedures of quality assurance and accreditation.
  • Practically understand electro analytical techniques.
  • To understand spectral evaluation different compounds.